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Turning the Curve™

What are we up against?  

The Children’s Commissioners Attendance audit in June 2022 found that 1.7m children in the UK were unable to access a school setting in the last 12 months due to emotionally based school non-attendance, and this is particularly acute with looked-after children. 

The reality is stark and there’s a lot of work to do, and that’s exactly why our Turning the Curve™ education model is so important.  

What is the Turning the Curve™ model? 

The Turning the Curve™ model works in tandem with outreach tutors, carers, parents, and schools to help young people who’ve been unable to access education in any form, re-enter full time education in a school setting.  

Some are able to do this from day one, but for those who aren’t, we aim to achieve this within 18 months.  

Our model is unique because it incorporates a flexible, child led curriculum that enables young people to learn in a way that’s right for them and their individual needs.  

How does it work?

All our Esland schools have their own identity, and they all use the Turning the Curve™ education model to support pupils who, depending on their background and circumstances, may be at different stages in their educational journey. 

We meet young people every day who simply aren’t ready or able to learn in a traditional classroom environment. That’s where learning in a home setting via a tutor may be the right option for them until they become more comfortable and confident.  

For others, a place at one of our Esland day schools or a mainstream school may be the answer. Or we can offer a combination of options.   

What’s important is that our education model can bend and flex throughout a young person’s educational journey.  

Who benefits from it? 

Every young person in our care receives education support and our aim is for all children within our Esland homes  to live within an hour of  an Esland school.   

Our Esland schools’ welcome day pupils, and we also work with mainstream schools to provide alternative provisions for students who are at risk of exclusion or dealing with physical or mental illnesses or emotional trauma.  

We offer education support to young people coming out of the NHS’s child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), as well as those leaving the Criminal Justice System.  

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