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Our small homes provide a safe, secure, and nurturing place for 6 to 18-year-olds with complex behavioural, emotional, and social needs.

We have 57 homes between Yorkshire and Kent offering solo, dual and group placements.

Most are situated in semi-rural areas, and all of them give young people calm spaces to focus on managing and overcoming trauma.

The homes are run by dedicated teams who work hard to create welcoming, comfortable, and therapeutic environments. They provide the nurturing and care a young person may never have experienced before.

The teams ensure our looked-after young people have fun and learn through our care. They facilitate activities in the home like arts and crafts, cooking, football matches and pool tournaments. And arrange outdoor trips to parks, zoos, and museums, as well as holidays to interesting places around the UK and where appropriate abroad.

We understand that personal life experiences underpin a young person’s behaviour and resilience.

That’s why our home environments and therapeutic approach are designed to provide stability, tailored care, and support.

They also give young people the tools to build trusting relationships and step-down options based on their progress and independence.

How do we find the right home for a young person?

When a young person is referred to us, our placement team works closely with their social worker, local authority, and our in-house therapeutic team to ensure they’re matched with a home that meets their needs.

Before they arrive, a young person will get to know their home manager and staffing team to ensure a smooth transition. This also helps a young person feel confident and comfortable before they move into their new setting.

What support does a young person receive?

Our therapeutic team will continue to support a young person throughout their stay, providing clinical assessments, tailored treatment plans, bespoke interventions, and direct therapy.

With our Turning the Curve™ education model, they can access the learning support they need.

Some of the young people we work with are unable to enter a traditional classroom environment.

So, in those circumstances, we can support them with a tutor at their home until they’re ready to explore other options like one of our Esland day schools, a mainstream school, or a blended approach.

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