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Care with education

Breaking down barriers

We’re on a mission to break down the barriers between care and education by seamlessly blending them together to ensure positive outcomes.  

We harness the power of our residential placements to equip young people with the character strengths, resilience, and independence skills they need to take their next confident steps into adulthood. 

And with our Turning the Curve™ education model, young people can gain knowledge and accredited qualifications for a successful career and a bright future ahead.    

We underpin all of this with our therapeutic support that helps young people understand their feelings, emotions, and behaviours so they can start to manage and overcome their trauma.  

When all these elements combine, they are truly transformative and it’s why we’re so passionate about what we do.   

How many homes do we have?

We have 57 small therapeutic homes located throughout England. They offer solo, dual and group placements and are managed by dedicated teams devoted to giving every young person the chance to flourish and thrive. 

Most of our homes are situated in semi-rural areas, providing the calm space our young people need to focus on managing and overcoming trauma. 

How many assessment homes do we have?  

We also have 4 assessment homes. They provide children in crisis with a short-term placement while our assessment and therapeutic teams work closely to understand their needs and recommend the right pathways. 

All our assessment homes hold an AALA (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority) licence and are AQA (Assessment Qualifications and Alliance) registered centres. 

This means we can offer tailored outdoor activities and the opportunity to gain up to 40 AQA awards during their 12-week assessment period. 

What educational opportunities do we offer?

Our Turning the Curve™ education model works in all our schools and, together with outreach tutors, carers, and parents, helps young people who’ve been unable to access education in any form, re-enter full-time education in a school setting. 

Some young people are able to attend day school full-time from day one, but for those who aren’t, we aim to achieve this within 18 months. 

Our model is unique because it incorporates a flexible, child-led curriculum that enables young people to learn in a way that’s right for them and their individual needs. This could be via home tutoring, a place at one of our day schools or a mainstream school, or we can combine a few options together. 

How many schools do we have?

We currently have 3 Esland schools: Bedford, Daven and Grantham. 

Each one welcomes day pupils, with many based in our Esland homes. We also provide alternative provisions for mainstream schools and accept referrals for young people coming out of the NHS’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and the Criminal Justice System.  

What therapeutic support do we offer?

Our therapeutic approach underpins everything that we do, and it provides young people with the support they need to manage and overcome social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties. 

We have a dedicated in-house therapeutic team of psychologists, play therapists, and art and drama therapists, regionally located across our network of homes, assessment homes and schools. 

They provide clinical assessments, tailored treatment plans, bespoke interventions, and direct therapy to all our looked-after young people, depending on their needs. 

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