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The learning journey - Josh's story

Angry, non-communicative and frightened

Josh* came to us when he was 12 years old. Initially, he was angry, non-communicative and frightened, and he really struggled to verbalise his emotions.

Josh always needed close supervision. When he did communicate, he was verbally abusive to staff and needed physical interventions several times a day.

In the past, Josh had struggled at school. He’d been moved around several institutions and never really settled anywhere. Things got even worse when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Josh didn’t have any special educational needs, so he couldn’t attend school in person where he could have accessed extra support from his teachers.

Instead, his lessons were all conducted remotely online, further impacting his engagement with learning. 

New school, new start

We enrolled Josh in the Turning the Curve™ education model at Esland Daven School.

When he was initially assessed the results highlighted that he couldn’t read or write, and he was working far below the expected standards for his age group in the core subjects. 

To begin with, all his learning took place in the home via the staff team due to his specific needs.  Gradually, we introduced tutors at a pace Josh was comfortable with, and this enabled him to develop very quickly.

After a few months, Josh started going on educational trips with tutors and the staff from his home. And towards the end of the summer term, he attended school 4 days a week.


"Josh can read and write now and has the confidence to sit in a classroom with a teacher without the support of his home staff team."

Quote from the registered manager at Josh's home

Making progress

Since joining one of our schools, Josh has made excellent progress in English, maths and science and he’s made lots of friends along the way.

We're continually looking for ways to support Josh's education. We have a workshop in the garden where he can practise his maths and assembly skills in a fun way.

He regularly helps our 90-year-old neighbour with his gardening, counting the tools and flowers as he goes.

We haven't had to physically intervene with Josh for 7 months now, and we're starting to step away gradually to encourage his independence as he grows older.


"When I see the confident young man Josh is becoming, I can hardly believe my eyes. His educational and emotional progress has been outstanding. Review meetings with his social worker are enjoyable for me, as I'm able to clearly demonstrate the progress he makes every single day."

Quote from the registered manager at Josh's home


*We have changed the name to protect the young person’s identity.

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